One good thing that came out of this incredibly taxing, lengthy and challenging lockdown is the amount of time we all got to spend with our families. Would anyone have thought a few months back that we actually could spend time as a family, doing things as a family, coming up with interesting ideas as a family? Well, thanks to the pandemic, this has been possible.

Let’s rewind and look at a time before COVID (oh yes, not too long ago we thought only doctors wore masks and social distancing, what’s that?). A simple routine: get up, get out of the  house, not be back till late evening, catch up with late night work (or those all important What’sApp forwards) and off to sleep for a few peaceful hours. That was then! A time of barely seeing one’s family, constantly being in a rush, and unable to focus on the one thing we all love so much: our family. COVID changed all that!

For the first time in our lifetimes, we actually ate breakfast together, started talking about issues and non-issues, argued and vent our frustrations about the disease, the government, the economy, American politics and anything else we could argue about and spend time. Together. Without distractions. Without pressing meetings, tuition classes, hand-writing workshops, birthday parties. Just us, the family. And it was great.

As families spent more and more time together, they also started doing new things together. Baking, cooking, brewing, gardening seem to be top of the list, watching movies, learning a card game or just hanging out don’t come far behind.

The realization that life can slow down, be a lot more meaningful has finally dawned on many of us. Now that the countdown to the end of the lockdown has begun, many of us are hoping to retain some of what the pandemic has taught us: make time for the family. Hopefully we can remember some of the magical moments we shared during this unique period and make a promise to strive to spending just a little bit more time with those who mean the world to us.