So we live in a brave new world. It is incredible. We are at the forefront of a million technological breakthroughs. The race is fast, can only get faster. The latest gadgets, bigger (or smaller), trendier, more interactive, more engaging, constantly evolving; no breaks here. New terms are being added, grandmothers become technologically savvy, well, who doesn’t want to be with it in this digital world. You can’t afford to be left behind, no, not in today’s world.

Stop! Hang on. Just take a second and break. Slow down. Reflect. Don’t get impatient! Time is ticking away, but you sure can pause. The world is not going to come to an end just because you stop and take a breath.

Remember the time you would just go for a walk, no phone, no pager, no blue tooth? A time when you still could hear the birds (or the traffic), take in the world around you without the distraction of a device? No app, no GPS, no tracking. Not measuring how many steps, how many calories, the heart rate? Just a refreshing run, by yourself, for yourself? Alone with your thoughts, creativity at its best. A time to reflect, introspect and dream?

Spending time alone on a run or a walk is something amazing. Completely engaging and energizing, and a great way to listen to yourself, your inner voice.  Many of us have forgotten how it feels to be really by yourself, feeling the moment, being one with oneself. This forgotten feeling is something that could really rejuvenate us in this busy, digital age.  And look at our challenges in a new way, ready and eager to embrace the world around us.

Let’s try it again, one day, just you, yourself, and the road ahead. No devices, no statistics and no apps. Give your gadgets the day off and experience just YOU.