Ok, so we love our family, friends, our kids, of course, our parents. We are there for each other, unconditionally, or so we think. Isn’t there a bit of give and take? That’s what makes a relationship work? Nothing comes free? Oh well, is it really that simple?


Introducing man’s best friend.  Winning the trophy for simply being the most uncomplicated, loyal creature ever created. Paws down. Hooray for the humble canine! The clear winner of the loyalty award.


Your four-legged companion is ever ready with a woof, an excited wag of the tail and an energetic jump of a greeting. Incredibly sensitive and caring, loyal beyond reason (or so it seems) and full of energy, dogs can lift a person’s life in many ways. One important role is that of a persistent fitness motivator.


Whether to get you off that easy chair and onto the beach or encouraging you to run.  Pushing your boundaries, shaking off the laziness. And bringing you back home full of energy and happiness. Work out with your four-legged companion. It’s easy, it’s motivating and it’s great for your mind and body.


Physical fitness is only one of the many areas in our daily lives that dogs help with. Constantly being near us, wanting to be cuddled, gives us a sense of being loved and cared for, taking away the loneliness  we all face at some moment  in our lives, maybe as we see our children leave the nest or a loved one move on. Dogs interact with their family on a very deep level. They are sensitive to our moods, our irritations and feelings, understand and relate to each family member in a unique way. Always ready to cheer you up with a lick and a bark.


The happiness and physical fitness dogs bring to our lives are something which just comes free, without any strings attached. Enjoy the company of your loyal friend and say a big thank you for his/her love and devotion.