Designed for the Indian woman who exercises because she loves exercise, Uhane offers the peak combination of comfort and performance.


  • The Perfect Fit: Comfortable, and stylish in its simplicity, this classic T-Shirt has a perfect fit allowing you to focus on your work-out without being conscious of your movements and shape. Elegant and feminine without being revealing. Available in an inspiring colour and classic black!

  • Sizing: Uhane designs have been carefully created with a clear focus on wearer comfort and flexibility. Each product keeps in mind the delicate balance between wearing something that is stylish and feminine, yet allows for unhindered, uninhibited movements while you work out. Please note that our fits are typically 1-2 inches wider around the waist as compared to standard sizing.

  • Material: Dri-fit

  • Ideal for: For any kind of work-out

Uhane Women's Comfort Dri-Fit Workout T-Shirt

SKU: PR04Dri