Food. Images of mouthwatering delicacies, wafts of freshly baked goodies, the feel of an ice-cold drink. We all love it, we all indulge in it, we all cherish it. Food is something that sustains us, binds us and certainly entertains us. It is, what defines us. Chemically, spiritually and intellectually.

Start looking at food as the building blocks that create and sustain you, blocks that help you rise and reach those goals, whether physically or intellectually. What we eat defines our mood, our character, our energy, our whole approach to life.

Create a list of foods that agree with you. Analyze the effect of various ingredients on your body and mind. Isolate those foods that seem toxic to your body. Remember, each of us is unique. What is a mood elevator for one, is a downer for someone else. Be critical. And methodical.

When the list is complete and you have an understanding of your very own, individual body, it is time to make that change. A change that creates a happy, healthy and fulfilled you.